Month: July 2014

You know the saying, “If your grandmother didn’t eat it, then you shouldn’t either”.  I think it is great advice.  Although there are probably some fat filled recipes grandma did make, I think the point is to really get in the kitchen and learn how to cook healthy meals from scratch.  And perhaps make grandma’s recipes […]

I am feeling so blessed to be able to share with you the arrival of my sweet nephew, Nathaniel James.  Notice I didn’t use the word ‘little’ in his description?  This gorgeous boy was born on July 20th weighing 10 pounds, 8.6 ounces and was 22 inches long.  I’ve looked, but there are no greeting […]

This little house sits all by itself on the island of Miscou.  I am so enchanted with it that I am going to do a water color painting and write a short story about it.  I have to smile to myself when I realize that so many people head to warm beaches for their vacation, […]

I am a garage sale junkie.  I love going to them (even if I never buy anything) and I love having my own garage sales.  I usually have one every three or four years.  It’s just enough time to let more stuff accumulate and for everyone who shopped at my previous sale to forget what […]

I hope you saw the article in Isthmus recently about the great Lost Madison Facebook community–and that you’ve checked out Lost Madison yourself. It’s full of pictures and memories of Madison the way it used to be, and an excellent source of information about the city’s past. In the summer, I find myself thinking about […]

I have a small garden and lots of things are ready or almost ready to harvest, including cucumbers.  Whether you like to grow your own vegetables or shop for the best selection at your local Copps or Pick N Save, I think it’s important to keep the way you prepare and eat them interesting.  Vegetables are the […]

I’ll admit it.  I am hooking on cooking shows.  There’s something relaxing about watching other people do all the cooking.  Plus, I literally learn something new each time I watch a cooking show and try to utilize those tips whenever I can.  I’ve learned cool ways to squeeze a lemon so you don’t get seeds in your recipe.  I’ve learned new ways […]

My husband stumbled across an awesome playground in Cottage Grove.  It’s the Phoebe Bulman Bakken Memorial Park … and this place is cool.  There’s lots of great climbing and running and sliding and swinging.  And it got extra cool when I found out that it was a park built just a few years ago solely […]

The other night at Concert on the Square, one of the listeners at Table 75 asked me, “What’s the best prize you’ve ever given away?”   I had to think about it for a minute. Making someone’s $992 mortgage payment during Magic Pays Your Bills last year was fun. At another station, I once gave […]

I’m one of those people who suffer from Mosquitoitis.  Really.  It’s a thing.  It’s also known as Skeeter Syndrome and I have it.  When mosquitoes bite me it usually takes 18-24 hours before I notice any symptoms.  But when the symptoms do occur they are much more severe than a slightly itchy pink welt.  The […]

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