The Sound of Crickets

Written by on September 8, 2014

If there is one sound that will forever make me melancholy it’s the sound of crickets at twilight in late summer, early fall.  Every year in late August when they start their chirping it immediately takes me back to childhood and the impending start of another school year.  Crickets meant having to go to bed an hour earlier when it was still light out and having to lie there with nothing else to do but listen to them with my stomach in a knot wondering how the first day of a new grade would go.  Crickets meant no more staying up late to catch fireflies.  Crickets meant no more sleeping in on summer days that gave me the freedom to catch butterflies, make mud pies and lie on my back to watch the clouds float by. 
I do love to sit outside this time of year and listen to all the chirps and buzzes and trills and croaks of nature as it says goodbye to summer.  But it never takes long for me to still get that knot in my stomach and that sad feeling of having to say goodbye to long, lazy days and fresh air and crickets.  And I’m glad for that.       

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