Month: October 2014

Have you ever gone to the grocery store and seen a big, beautiful display of autumn squash that makes you want to buy several, except, you have no idea the name of each one or how to cook them, let alone how each one tastes?  I have been there. Copps and Pick N Save know […]

I adopted Truman from the Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois on April 11, 2010.  It was one of best things I have ever done.  Each year we participate in the Wisconsin Dog Fair at the Alliant Energy Center.  It’s happening this Sunday, November 2nd from 10 til 4.  This is an event where you […]

Chicken is one of my favorite things to eat.  It’s my go-to protein.  I eat chicken almost every day BUT there are times when I get tired of eating it the same way (which is usually broiled with a little Italian seasoning).  I don’t want to waste it but sometimes it’s hard to gulp down […]

I’ve never been that good at making homemade soups and stews.  For as much as I love to cook I find my soups turn out watery and flavorless.  Eventually, I just gave up trying to make them even though I love preparing them.  Copps and Pick N Save are here to help me become a […]

Once you cook with and eat the freshest food available to you, it’s hard to go back to using processed food.  And that’s why I love shopping at Copps and Pick N Save because it’s their commitment to provide the best local produce they can find.  In fact Copps and Pick N Save sell more […]

This place is just one of the reasons I enjoy walking on the path by my home.  When I was little I used to walk a mile, wade up through a stream for another half -mile ( I love frogs), climb under a fence and trudge over skunk cabbage half my size just to hang out.  These opal […]

Since autumn is my favorite time of year I like to pull out the autumn decorations in September right when school starts.  Gourds, tiny pumpkins, colored corn, fake fall leaves, twinkling lights…they are all adorn my fireplace mantel and other parts of my house.  My front porch is covered with mums and corn stalks and […]

It’s so true that the older we get the more we really need to pay attention to what we eat and how many nutrients we’re putting into our bodies on a daily basis.  I’m a woman who needs to add A LOT of extra calcium, vitamin D, potassium and magnesium to my diet.  It wasn’t […]

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