Decorating For Fall

Written by on October 6, 2014

Since autumn is my favorite time of year I like to pull out the autumn decorations in September right when school starts.  Gourds, tiny pumpkins, colored corn, fake fall leaves, twinkling lights…they are all adorn my fireplace mantel and other parts of my house.  My front porch is covered with mums and corn stalks and pumpkins and bales of hay.  I just love the colors and the feel of all of it.  Autumn just makes me happy more than any other season.
Then I realized that autumn is the time of year that my decorations stay up the longest.  I literally have my autumn decorations up from early September through Thanksgiving.  That’s almost three whole months.  I take them all down after Thanksgiving and put up my Christmas decorations.  But honestly, Christmas decorations only stay up for five weeks at best.  I keep mine up through New Year’s day and slowly put them away a little at a time.  It’s so much work to put everything up and it seems like even more work to take everything down.  But truly the holiday season starts in September for me and lasts through the first week of January.  It’s nice to change things up in your home and make it feel festive.  Autumn is such a great excuse to do that.   Hope you are enjoying the colors of autumn even if you aren’t decorating for the season.  

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