The Holidays are So Sweet!

Written by on December 2, 2014

It’s not just that I enjoy baking, I really enjoy creating my very own recipes.  I’d like a dollar for every friend who says “you should write a cook book!”  In fact, I have just started, in earnest, to at least put all my scribbled notes in order and type them up.  I have quite a pile!
I also wanted to share with others, particularly because of the holidays, how helpful I have found Clausen’s Bakery.  They have to-die-for breads, quiches, cookies and desserts, but I mostly go there for my ingredients.  There is ‘Gregg’s Cake’ (named after my son as it is his favorite) which calls for the dark chocolate mint discs that get melted into middle layer filling.  They have the most fun gourmet flavors of chips you can imagine.  I love melting ‘cinnamon’ chips in an apple turnover, ‘peanut butter’ in dark chocolate cookies and ‘french vanilla’ in a cranberry walnut cookie. Those are my favorites.  The colors are great for making things really special for the holidays, too!

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