Month: January 2015

“Within the Trees”   There is a mighty song in these trees It’s not of the crow, the crane or the sparrow It’s of hurricane strength only so tall and narrow So placid, so still Drawing deep from the earth The ancient, aching stretch of rebirth Down press the roots, searching for life showing us […]

I love hot, spicy food.  I always say if it’s going to be hot and spicy, it had better hurt a little; otherwise, it’s not hot and spicy enough.  I should have been in the SNL “Super Fire Hot Wings” sketch.  So, I decided to try a recipe I’ve never tried before.  Chicken Curry.  For […]

The internet is an awesome thing…except when it isn’t.  When I was pregnant with Roman, I Googled, read about and made lists of all the awesome date nights Marc and I were going to have.  Just because we had two kids was not going to be a reason to not keep the romance alive. Now, […]

This is a scene I took in September of the Yahara River.  I liked it so much that I made it into one of my credit cards. Driving into work this morning with snow blowing and the lane lines barely visible under the snow, it seemed extra nice to know that warm weather and clear roads will return again.   […]

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