For Real?!

Written by on January 13, 2015

The internet is an awesome thing…except when it isn’t.  When I was pregnant with Roman, I Googled, read about and made lists of all the awesome date nights Marc and I were going to have.  Just because we had two kids was not going to be a reason to not keep the romance alive. Now, I’m not exactly sure where I was getting these spectacular thoughts from because since Everett was born, we’ve been out sans kids – twice.  (Yes, I know my kid just turned 3.) 

All of these women were writing about how to make sure your marriage doesn’t suffer because of the kids.  And here is a list of places you can go and activities you can do for all of your date nights.  The thought of it made me so happy.  But then it was like, ‘For REAL?’  Exactly when was this going to happen?  And who was going to pay for it?  So if you’re in the same spot that we’re in, first of all don’t feel bad.  I think we’re actually in the majority.  Secondly, there are much smaller things you can do that don’t require money, a babysitter or trying to fit into clothes you wore pre-baby.  And they won’t take away from any possible sleep time which is key.  No, this is not where I write a list for you and you go ahead and just do them.  Think about it for a sec and do what works for you.  My mom said that if my brother, sister and I went to bed easily and quietly, they would make dinner together, candlelight and all. 

Now that I’m back at work, Marc and I are trying to meet for lunch at least once a month.  Little things go a long way at this point.  Don’t forget that texting doesn’t always have to be about dinner or picking up diapers and dog food on the way home.  And the most romantic thing you can possibly do is to help your significant out with something they’d rather not do.  Honestly, if my husband cleaned a bathroom for me, it would knock my socks off. 

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