Month: March 2015

I have concocted my own dip/spread/sauce that several folks have asked me to share.  I always make it as a side to go with quiche that has just been taken from the oven. A dollop of chilled guacamole over the hot eggs is such lovely combination.  I have also made it to spread on tortillas before […]

It’s said that a significant percentage of success lies in simply showing up. It’s not something a person can necessarily put on a resumé, but I’m really good at showing up. Here at Magic, I’m the guy who gets the call to fill in if somebody else goes on vacation or gets sick. Like today, […]

When I was a youngster I use to have sleep-over parties down in our basement.  Wall to wall sleeping bags, record player and pop corn everywhere.  It was a total blast!  But the best part was, we would sneak out in pajamas to go to Dunkin Donuts at 3 o’clock in the morning.  This was the height of mischief […]

There seems to be an epidemic in my community and it’s something that has been bothering me for months.  People are not picking up after their dogs.  Not only are people not picking up after their dog on someone’s lawn, but they are blatantly leaving it right in the middle of the sidewalk for others […]

It was really weird being on national news for something unrelated to the Badgers – or Scott Walker’s possible run for president.  But there it was, dark and early this morning as I sat in my reclining rocker with my six month-old son, Roman.  As I stared at his sweet little face, back asleep after […]

So many amazing blessings to count!  One of my dearest friends, who wasn’t even supposed to have one baby, just had her second … and calling Ellisyn beautiful is the understatement of the year.  Another lifelong friend just found out that TWINS are on the way.  And after a heart-breaking pregnancy loss, my cousin is […]

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