A Motherly Perspective of a Tragic Event

Written by on March 8, 2015

It was really weird being on national news for something unrelated to the Badgers – or Scott Walker’s possible run for president.  But there it was, dark and early this morning as I sat in my reclining rocker with my six month-old son, Roman.  As I stared at his sweet little face, back asleep after being fed, I just can’t even imagine what a mom does after losing her child.  The news was on a very low volume, but it seemed to get louder and louder as the story went on.  I hate that this went down in my city.  I hate that a 19 year-old lost his life and that his family and friends have to try to keep going.  I hate that an officer fired his gun killing someone and now he has to try and figure out where that leaves him.  But, I’m proud of the peaceful protests I’m seeing.  I’m proud of the response and leadership from Police Chief Koval and Boys & Girls Club of Dane County CEO, Michael Johnson.  I hope that good comes from this.  Meanwhile, please be respectful because – bottom line – a mom who once was up rocking her six month-old child, staring at his sweet face, now has to say good-bye.  

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