One Way to Be a Success in Radio

It’s said that a significant percentage of success lies in simply showing up. It’s not something a person can necessarily put on a resumé, but I’m really good at showing up.
Here at Magic, I’m the guy who gets the call to fill in if somebody else goes on vacation or gets sick. Like today, for example. Over the weekend Mark asked me if I could cover some of his office stuff today. Then he remembered he was going to fill in for Lanette, so he asked me–via e-mail at 5:10 this morning–if I could fill in for Lanette, too. Sure, I said, because I’m good at showing up.
(One time I got a phone call at 4AM asking if I could fill in for Pat. E-mail at 5 is better than a phone call at 4.)
When I’m not working at Magic, I’m a freelance writer, so my schedule is my own, and pretty flexible. So it’s not a big deal for me to come in on short notice. It’s nice to have a few hours’ notice, though. The all-time record, however, is significantly shorter. One fine morning at 8:35 my phone rang: “Hey, can you be on at 9:00 this morning?” Sure, I said, because I’m good at showing up. And I live fairly close by.
If you work in an office and you have a big meeting or a luncheon, is there one person who always has to skip it and stay behind to answer the phone, or greet customers who come in? Probably so. At Magic 98, I am often that guy. A couple of weeks ago, all of the Magic Crew went for lunch out of the building with one of our consultants, so I filled in on the air from 11 til 1. I was hoping somebody would bring me a couple of breadsticks or something, but…
Truth to tell, it’s a treat when I get the call. Like today. I was going to have to spend the day slaving over a hot laptop in my office at home, but being on the radio is a lot more fun.