Month: July 2015

Simply Seasoned is not just a clever way to describe furniture that is just a little used, but the name of the new shop in downtown Stoughton where I am now the floral designer.  Baskets, vases, metal urns, pitchers, ceramics and glass hold my silk arrangements.  All shapes and sizes are created to fit any kind of budget.  I’ve got a […]

If you haven’t tried Wildtree, you’re missing out.  I’ve been a customer for years.  Their spices, drinks, meals, marinades, crock pot sauces, cinnamon rolls, mixes … you name it, I’ve tried it.  Everyhting is preservative free and organic.  You can pronounce every single thing on the ingredients list.  And now I’m lucky because my sister […]

One question I get asked a lot is what type of music I like to listen to when I’m done playing Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson all day.  It’s a question I’m always eager to answer since I’m passionate about music and here’s what I am most passionate about: Bluegrass and Folk.  There is such […]

Lovely, but cool That white of the moon   Dazzling, but distant That white of the stars   Sparkly, but freezy That white of the snow   Polite and perfect That white of the flowers ~ by Kathryn Vaughn

When I was growing up, we were took a vacation almost every summer, at least for a few days. The first vacation I can remember must have been in the late ’60s or maybe 1970. We visited Mark Twain’s hometown, Hannibal, Missouri, where my mother bought a copy of Tom Sawyer. The sole memory I […]

My fear of spiders can be somewhat paralyzing at times.  I know there are many who share my fear.  I think it’s fairly common, but I wish I didn’t have it.  I remember having a bug catcher as a kid and sometimes a spider would crawl inside and start spinning a web.  I really wasn’t […]

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