A Heart Warming Story for Your Day

Written by on September 24, 2015

My husband Marc has been traveling for work.  As you well know, doing bedtime alone with multiple kiddos is comparable to juggling seven balls, three bowling pins and a chainsaw.  It’s been fun to say the least.  But last night, Marc didn’t have a work dinner so he was able to Facetime with Everett from his hotel.  That gave me time to rock Roman to sleep in his room without Everett coming upstairs every few minutes asking if Roman was sleeping yet … and because he’d hear his brother’s voice and would perk back up every time, the answer was always “no”, making this process last much longer than usual. 

At this point of the night, I’m usually at my wits’ end, but I promised you a ‘Heart Warming Story.’  Here’s the ‘Heart Warming’ part:  I was rocking Roman to sleep and I got a text from Marc.  It said, ‘I think Everett may have fallen asleep. I can’t see his face anymore.’  I came downstairs to a softly snoring 3 year-old on the floor with his head on a Boppy pillow, propped up perfectly so he could see his dad and listen to him read a Julius Jr. book.  The iPad was propped up on the ottoman and Marc was staring at his phone laughing because all he could see was Everett’s belly moving up and down – obviously drifting away into a deep sleep.  All the chaos of the last couple days disappeared with one deep breath.  I gave my son a kiss and carried him to his bed.  (Then I scooped a very well-deserved mouthful of peanut butter.)  

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