Month: November 2015

So it came and went and . . . I’m OK.  I knew I would be, but the date just sort of lingered out there, dangling in front of my face, and I had no desire to grab it.  The day I was supposed to bring our third baby home, and we’d start our lives […]

The last time I had a gluten free sandwich I threw the bread away and just ate the tuna salad.  It tasted just as I imagined – like two pieces of cardboard.  No, I bet the cardboard would have been better.  I now have so many friends that are gluten free that I’ve been trying more things […]

I know lots of people have holiday cookie baking parties this time of year.  It is tradition and a lot of fun.  I’ve had a few myself but over the past few years I have changed it up and have been hosting a holiday pie baking party.  It’s for my friends who want to try […]

If you’ve never used for just about anything your heart desires – you’re missing out.  I’ve used it for almost every invitation for anything I’ve ever hosted.  So it was no different when I began to plan my son Everett’s 4th birthday.  He asked for Minions, so Minions he will have!  I worked with an outstanding artist from […]

Holidays with kids is a much different experience than when childless.  Now of course, your entire life is when you’ve got a kid.  I think one of the first things you think of when you’re told you’re going to be a mom is the holidays.  You romanticize about the costumes for Halloween and how much fun […]

In my neighborhood, every October, the leaves go from green to mostly gold, and the slightest breeze sets them fluttering to the ground, whirling and sparkling like fat yellow snowflakes. But now, the trees are mostly bare. There are drifts of leaves raked to the curb waiting for pickup, and less orderly piles in the […]

Every year I participate in the Wisconsin Dog Fair at the Alliant Energy Center.  It’s an event that lets people come and meet ambassadors from over 120 different breeds of dogs and learn about what makes them unique.  Truman is a phenomenal dog.  Most everyone seems to fall in love with him instantly.  I just […]

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