I Say I Am the Lucky One

Written by on November 2, 2015

Every year I participate in the Wisconsin Dog Fair at the Alliant Energy Center.  It’s an event that lets people come and meet ambassadors from over 120 different breeds of dogs and learn about what makes them unique.  Truman is a phenomenal dog.  Most everyone seems to fall in love with him instantly.  I just kind of sit back and watch the magic happen … and smile.  He’s so patient and gentle with children.  He gives a smile and a tail wag to everyone he meets and just sits and lets everyone pet him or rub his belly.  He can now read up to 10 commands.  Yes, actually READ them off a piece of paper.  People were gasping and amazed when I pulled out his flash cards and he started doing what each command said just by looking at it.  I do it to show people how intelligent Australian Cattle Dogs are and how much fun you can have with them.  It’s a fantastic event for people who are looking to add a dog to their lives.    
I’m so proud of Truman.  He was found as a stray in Kentucky and put into a kill shelter.  The Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois pulled him out of that shelter and called to tell me they had found the perfect dog for me.  People tell me Truman is lucky to have found such a wonderful home and someone who loves him so much.  I say I am the lucky one.                                           

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