Oh – the Holidays

Written by on November 2, 2015

Holidays with kids is a much different experience than when childless.  Now of course, your entire life is when you’ve got a kid.  I think one of the first things you think of when you’re told you’re going to be a mom is the holidays.  You romanticize about the costumes for Halloween and how much fun it will be to go tricl-or-treating.  You dream about your Christmas decorations and fantasize about sipping on a cup of coffee while your sweet bambinos open their presents from Santa.  I love that those dreams exist because they are truly what the holidays are about … the spirit.  But when reality sets in, I just don’t want you to be disappointed.  I am here to serve as a public service announcement for those darn holidays. 

Let’s start with Halloween: my favorite holiday.  What adult in their right mind thought of this holiday?  If your kids are young, you want them so bad to go trick-or-treating so the evening turns into a small wresting match as you try to get them into their costume that they absolutely do not want to wear.  No one eats dinner.  You head from stranger’s house to stranger’s house collecting candy … PURE SUGAR … in a bag.  Then try to tell them they can’t eat all of it at once?  Oh my, this holiday is officially the worst.  At least it only lasts one day. 

Christmas can go on for days!  The food, the parties, the non-bath, no bedtime family get-togethers that have you eyeing up the  bulk-sized bottle of red wine left on the table sitting next to your cold dinner.  (One kid had a meltdown and the other hit their cousin, so you were tending to those wonderful issues.)  The good news is that the cheesecake is served cold so you won’t be quite so annoyed when an hour goes by that you don’t get to eating that. 
Now I’ve been told I’m a bit sarcastic and after rereading this blog, I believe that to be true.  In all honesty, I had a blast for Halloween watching my three year-old run around in his Minion costume with his neighbor friends smiling from ear to ear.  My one year old decided to strip down to his diaper and socks and sit on the toy box that sits in the big ‘ol front window.  He loved watching the kids while chowing on his turkey and cheese for dinner, squealing when all the fun costumes came to the door.  The holidays are still fun … just a different kind of fun you thought you’d be having.  Enjoy them now because I’m told we’ll miss them so much in just a few years. 

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