Month: December 2015

Yeah, so the holidays. I was just looking at the binder I use at work to keep everything organized…it’s still on October. These last two months have been a blur. Between Holiday Wish, a 4th birthday party, Christmas to do lists and unwelcomed visits from the stomach flu and croup…it’s been a case of just putting […]

It has taken me three years to complete this calendar….it’s a ‘quiet eye’ on some of the really beautiful scenes that my town of Stoughton has to offer. (One of those scenes is above.) Many people who have lived in Stoughton didn’t even realize these places were even there! If you’d like one, they are for […]

I can’t remember anymore how the group of high-school friends we called the Crew coalesced, exactly. There were about a dozen of us, give or take, and a few other people came and went on the fringes of the group. Starting the year we were 17, various combinations of us spent the next 10 New […]

Certain Christmas songs are so closely identified with a specific artist that nobody else should even try to record them. Nobody should do “Holly Jolly Christmas” except Burl Ives, for example. The best version of “The Little Drummer Boy” is the one by the Harry Simeone Chorale, which was the first hit version back in […]

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