Love Them, Big Time

Written by on February 9, 2016

It was Tuesday night. I had just gotten my little guy, Roman, to sleep, rocking him in the glider in his room, when the sirens started. It was 8:05.  I remember this because we usually don’t hear many sirens around our neighborhood and this one was loud, and it kept going, so I took a second to look at the time on my phone.

It was quickly posted on our neighborhood Facebook page . . . there was a shooting at our local grocery store, Metro Market, the place where we run in to get a fresh pizza for dinner when either time has gotten away from us or we’re just feeling lazy to come up with dinner. The place where Marc drops me off really quickly on our way to a get-together with friends because we said we’d bring an appetizer. The place I had just taken my mother-in-law three days before to do a big ol’ shopping trip. Our little grocery store on sweet little Cottage Grove Road. 

Now I was mad. Have people gone and lost their dang minds?! Then I was sad. THIS was close to home and it breaks my heart on many levels . . . most importantly as a mom. My heart aches for the victim, Caroline’s mom, because that’s what I know. I hope someone was there to make sure she wasn’t alone. I hope someone was there to remind her she was loved. Because that’s what a mom wants for her kid the most. 

Please use this as a reminder to shamelessly and hopelessly love the ones you love. Love them big time. 

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