Month: April 2016

My husband and I have been married for six years as of a couple weeks ago, so to celebrate, we decided we were going to do something we hadn’t done since we had kids—go away for the night!  Now before you scold me for being a horrible wife, we do try to meet for lunch during […]

The rhythm of our days is defined more by television than we realize, I think. For many Midwesterners, the 10:00 local news marks the end of the evening and time to go to bed, so you get in your eight hours before rising at 6 for another day. Do East Coasters—who have to rise at […]

As long as I can remember I have been naming my cars. Back in the day ,people wouldn’t think of not naming their horse. My car is MY horse. Right now Murry is my car. Well, I’ve taken it a step further, and have named my phone. Eddy. He’s a flip phone, and of course […]

I’m an auntie again! Five times I’ve been able to look at the gorgeous, brand-new face of my niece or nephew and I am so humbled by even the thought of it. This time around, Ms. Maya Evelyn, all 8 lbs., 6 oz. and 21 inches of her, has made her grand entrance into this […]

(Pictured: Aretha Franklin onstage; credit: Joseph Sohm, My wife and I have no children and few expensive vices, and we don’t live extravagantly. Nevertheless, we try to keep the fun budget in balance. We don’t go to every concert or every show we’d like to attend, because tickets cost a lot. But this summer […]

The planting season is about another month or two away, but I like to start plants early indoors. And instead of spending money on peat pots (which can be expensive), I use eggshells.   Eggshell planters are free (once you buy and use the eggs). They are full of calcium and other nutrients and are […]

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