Mad Enough

That’s it!! I’m not hitting my breaking point . . . that happened a long time ago. But I’m finally ready to vent because I’m mad enough.

Beyond the guns, beyond the political beliefs, beyond sexual orientation, beyond religion . . . wipe it all away, wipe it from your brain…and WAKE UP! We are human beings. WE are human beings. The same blood, the same organs. We all came into this world the same stinkin’ way, so why on Earth do some of us think we have the power to make sure others leave this world in a way unheard of by nature? And why are some OK with that? Two people don’t have to agree on one single thing in order to be kind to one another. I’m appalled that politics have even entered the conversation at this point . . . families are still in the raw, horrible, gut-wrenching stage of grief. Moms are going to be burying their babies. 

I have no idea how to make this better. I have no idea how to make this go away. I do know that this is NOT the time to be crawling up onto your pedestal and making this into anything other than the horrific loss of human beings that it is. Please . . . if you give yourself a chance to really chew on everything that happened In Orlando over the weekend it should make you sad. It should make you feel hurt in your soul. If it doesn’t . . . then you’re part of the problem. 

Rest in peace, my friends.