Month: November 2016

I just finished up the last bit of leftover squash soup with turkey sausage. I made it as an appetizer on Thanksgiving and it is so delicious, I have to share it, so click here. The first time I made it all in the pot like the recipe says, but since I think baked squash […]

Downtown Stoughton’s ‘Shop Small’ was a huge success last weekend! It was so great to see so many old friends and have so many new people visit! You should visit Stoughton again this weekend for the Victorian Holiday Weekend for food, art, live music, and other events. I’ll be there both Friday and Saturday with […]

There’s been a major brouhaha the last few years over the phrase “Happy Holidays.” Some people consider the phrase fightin’ words, claiming people should say “Merry Christmas.” On the other hand, you may have seen the meme that notes how the world’s seven major religions celebrate 29 different holidays between November 1st and January 15th, […]

My little buddy will be two next month. Can you believe it? Roman’s birthday is August 27th. We’ll be having his party a couple weeks before that, and we’ve decided to go with the “Old McDonald” theme. This kid could sing ‘E-I-E-I-O’ all day long (and sometimes does). It’ll just be a small family-and-friends party, and I just can’t wait to celebrate him. He’s […]

Argue with me if you want, but Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all! It’s the food, the parade, the traditions, the family and friends–WITHOUT all the insanity that gift-giving provokes. We’re hosting the big feast this year. Count along with me will you? My mom, dad, grandma, Marc’s mom, my sister, her husband and […]

On Thanksgiving Day 1981, I was a little baby disc jockey at KDTH in Dubuque, Iowa. My show was nearly over when a listener called to ask why I hadn’t played any Thanksgiving songs yet that morning. It was not a playful query. The tone of her voice indicated that her gorge had been rising […]

Thanksgiving, for me, is almost just as wonderful as Christmas because I had a grandmother who was blessed with the ability to cook a meal that would make your eyes close with your first bite of anything on your plate. She was born in 1902, the daughter of German immigrants, and one of nine children. […]

How much fun was Halloween?!  Bear with me here if this was your millionth Halloween with your kids and you’re so over it. This was a first for me.  Both kids, ages 4 and 2, were dressed up in their costumes. There was no fight to get Everett in his Martin Kratt costume nor Roman into […]

  We all had a really nice time at Jim Dettinger‘s memorial celebration. (I did a home-decor project for Jim and his wife Laura not long ago.) Laura (in the back, on the left) was just radiant, and such a gracious hostess. Her Jim was such a unique guy, and we will all miss him so much! Rick and Gail (back row right and […]

A few years ago, I went into the archives and looked at some of the morning-after Election Day editions of the Wisconsin State Journal. Here’s some of what I found: On Wednesday, November 8, 1972, the State Journal punned, “Nixon Makes It, Perfectly Clear: McG Yields in Landslide for President.” Inside, the sports page headlined the selection […]

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