A Memorial for Jim

Written by on November 3, 2016


We all had a really nice time at Jim Dettinger‘s memorial celebration. (I did a home-decor project for Jim and his wife Laura not long ago.) Laura (in the back, on the left) was just radiant, and such a gracious hostess. Her Jim was such a unique guy, and we will all miss him so much! Rick and Gail (back row right and front row right) as well as our own Amy Abbott and her husband John (front row center and left) shared drinks and laughs and memories of all the clever things about Jim. His spirit was walking among us.
One very cool thing I will always remember about him is when I finished painting their bathroom (with my very own designs), he handed me a permanent silver marker to sign my name on their wall. What a prince he was. Laura had the BEST idea ever for the memorial–instead of having us sign a guest book, she had a box of smooth rocks and Sharpies for each guest to write a message about themselves. Then the rocks were put into a large glass jar. I will have to check in with Laura to see what she decided to do with them. Jim would have loved that!

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