Month: December 2016

It is always fun to get for Christmas what you wanted, oui? As a woman who does pourovers for coffee and drinks several cups of tea a day, I have wanted a Chantal Mia E-Kettle for a long time! It was a merry Christmas for sure when Gregg, that darling son, wrapped one up for […]

Here’s something that’s not a news flash: we have lost a lot of famous people in 2016. It seems like there have been more losses in 2016 than ever before, although a scientist crunched some numbers and concluded that 2016 may not be so unusual. What’s different about this year is the power of social […]

If you feel pressure to make some kind of resolution to lose weight, or save more money,  or eat better in 2017 . . . stop! Pressuring yourself to better yourself just because it’s January 1 is almost setting yourself up to fail. When you’re ready, when YOU are READY to make a change in […]

Our latest Kid of the Week is Addison, nominated by his aunt, Evelyn. She says, “Addison is in second grade and loves to read books, which include the books about the Greek gods and goddesses. He also loves the Harry Potter books. He’s about to read the last one! He loves to play boards game […]

Delle is our latest kid of the week. Her nana and papa, Cheri and Mike, say she was named Mardelle after a great-grandmother and two great aunts, but they call her Delle for short. “She brings joy and happiness to all those around her. She may be little but she has a huge personality. She […]

We always expect this time of year to be busy, but WHOA! Slow down, Santa! But you just smile and keep on trudging through it because it’s your life, and you wouldn’t change it. On Saturday, we had Everett’s birthday party with a couple dozen of his favorite friends bowling at Ten Pin Alley, then […]

Let’s take a second to bow our heads to 2016, shall we? I beg you not to think about all the celebrities we lost or the politics that blew your mind, good or bad. Let’s not focus on notions of hate and madness.  I encourage you to do one simple thing.  Go back on your […]

When I first moved here from New Jersey, I used to get such a kick out of the yellow signs, like the one in the picture. They are so friendly! When I told my family about them, they didn’t believe me.  (They didn’t believe there was a store called Piggly Wiggly either.) But once I […]

The weather forecast for the Packers/Bears game on Sunday says that the high temperature might be one below. That would  make it one of the coldest Packer games in history, up there with the famous Ice Bowl in 1967, when the game-time temperature in Green Bay was 13 below, or the game in 1993 that […]

Meet Jaxson, our latest Kid of the Week. To nominate your kid to be next, click here.

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