Day: February 22, 2017

If your house has been nailed by a bug, you’re definitely not alone. My sister just sent me a picture of four medicine bottles all lined up. Each of them was an antibiotic for a different member of the family. Four out of the five of them are on medicine, for pneumonia, for a double […]

As an artist, colors impress me so much that (quite a few years ago) I created a “color key” to help others understand my art more clearly. If you see one of my paintings and need some help understanding what I am trying to convey, I’m posting the short version. Red: love Blue: male Yellow: […]

Next week, public-school juniors all across Wisconsin will take the ACT. If it seems like I haven’t been on the radio all that much these last six weeks, it’s because I have been traveling around the state helping kids prepare for the ACT. I work for a company that presents test-preparation seminars, and have done […]

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