Lanette’s Blog: Battling With the Bug

Written by on February 22, 2017

If your house has been nailed by a bug, you’re definitely not alone. My sister just sent me a picture of four medicine bottles all lined up. Each of them was an antibiotic for a different member of the family. Four out of the five of them are on medicine, for pneumonia, for a double ear infection, for RSV . . .  for stubbing a toe, at this point.

We had a monster of a stomach bug hit our house. When all was said and done, it went through our family, and our littlest one spent 10 days with it. Every day was another one of doing laundry and scrubbing floors, because at two years old, they don’t give you a warning—although by day 9, I could hear his heavy swallow from a mile away, and I knew I had about three-tenths of a second to get over there with a bucket or move all valuables out of the way.

Rumor has it, since we haven’t had many hard freezes, the germs are alive and winning. So I look forward to and will sing the praises of spring like never before. Here’s to the day when we open the windows and welcome the fresh air to battle it out with the bugs and show them who’s boss.

Someone else has to be the boss because I know I’m not.  Ugh.

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