Lanette’s Blog: Plant Your Apple Tree

Written by on October 6, 2017

About two weeks ago, I learned that a high school friend passed away after having a cardiac episode. Craig was 41 years old. He had no signs of any problems at all. He and his son were quite the pair from what I saw on Facebook—always together—and it was obvious Craig was his hero.

I’m not one to sit and be sad, because I truly believe that at some point of our lives we find out the reasons for everything. Nothing is random or a coincidence. But, my biggest fear in life is leaving my babies way too soon, and that directly collides with what Craig’s son is now going through. So finding the “reason” is almost beside the point. I’m positive that there will be an “a-ha!” moment for Craig’s family when they’ll realize why he had to leave them on this earth. Probably something for his son that the boy wouldn’t have been able to do if Craig was still right beside him in the literal sense.

Craig loved country music, he did an insane George Bush impersonation, and he was so loyal. He was one of the first  to reach out when we had our last miscarriage. I mean … a guy … talking about pregnancy loss!

At the funeral, It was good to see high school friends. It was great to have four hours of time in the car with my best friend, since the funeral was out of town. It was nice to celebrate such a fantastic human being. The preacher said something that will stick with me forever: “Even if the world is going to end tomorrow, I will still plant my apple tree today.”

I’ll just let you digest that for a little bit. Now, go live it.

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