Month: October 2017

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This past weekend, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, I was hanging out in a brewery tap room when a woman came in. She was there to lead a yoga class (yoga in a brewery is a concept I can get behind). While she was waiting for her students to arrive, we started to visit. It turned out […]

About two weeks ago, I learned that a high school friend passed away after having a cardiac episode. Craig was 41 years old. He had no signs of any problems at all. He and his son were quite the pair from what I saw on Facebook—always together—and it was obvious Craig was his hero. I’m […]

Coming up this Saturday (October 7) is the grand opening of the new Sprout Gallery in Cambridge. Sprout‘s building is celebrating its 125th anniversary, so that means a party! Enjoy food, music, and family fun starting at 11AM and going on until 4. Have a nosh, and if you’ve never seen any of my paintings […]

Everett is this week’s Kid of the Week. He’s 8 months old, nominated by his Aunt Stephanie. She says, “Everett is very cheerful and content. Everett’s hands are always moving and everything goes in the mouth!” Everett wins prizes from Madison Property Management and Thompson Investment Management. To learn more about them, and to sign up a great kid in your life to win […]

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