Month: November 2017

What a week it’s been! THANK YOU for being here for my first week on Magic 98! I’m starting to get more acquainted with the beautiful building that houses the Magic 98 studios—you’ve probably driven by, or been here if you’ve won Magic Money—and inside these walls, I’ve met a lot of friendly faces! You […]

I grew up in a musical house. One of the bedrooms is still known as the “piano room,” where my mother’s upright piano has sat since the day my parents moved in, before I was born. I started piano lessons when I was eight, and I learned how to read music a little bit, which […]

As I was pulling things out and dusting the kitchen this past weekend, a card fell out of an old handwritten recipe book of my grandmother’s. At the top it simply said “Cake.” It made me laugh as I said out loud, “What kind of cake, Grandma?” These are the moments in life that I […]

Hi, new Magic 98 friends! I’m the newest voice you’ll hear on Magic. My name’s Jillene Khan! The first thing I do when I meet a new friend is spend at least 90 seconds teaching them how to say my name correctly. Jillene sounds like Jill-eeeen. Think, Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” but “Jo is “Jill.” For [...]

Quinn is this week’s Kid of the Week. She’s 18 months old, nominated by her grandmother, Jody. She says: “Quinn’s smile lights up a room! She is a happy baby and brings so much joy to us all! Such a blessing!!” Quinn wins prizes from Madison Property Management and Thompson Investment Management. To learn more about them, and to sign up […]

Lanette and Sara both posted recipes on their blogs this past week. Ginger says she’s been doing some fancy cooking at her house lately, too. But if you are waiting for me to post a recipe, you’ll be waiting a long time. I don’t like to cook anymore, although I used to. When I was a […]

I’ve read somewhere that if Benjamin Franklin had his way, our national bird would have been a turkey. As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I can really appreciate his sentiment! Turkey and dressing with gravy is in the top five of my favorite meals even when it’s not a holiday meal. Franklin was a brilliant man, […]

As we get into the busiest time of our year, I thought I’d drop you a recipe to make your dinnertime a little easier. My kids (and the neighbor kids) eat up this fantastic mozzarella-stuffed meatloaf. My husband and I love it too. I’m gonna have to start doubling the recipe if I ever want […]

Carter is this week’s Kid of the Week. He’s 5 years old, nominated by his mother, Michelle. She says: “Carter is very outgoing, cheerful and loving. He brings a smile to anyone who meets him. He’s such a blessing to this family!” Carter wins prizes from Madison Property Management and Thompson Investment Management. To learn more about them, and to sign […]

I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to have a family. I love kids, but I always asked people why they had kids, and I felt like no one ever had a good answer. I made up my mind that before I decided to procreate, I sure as heck better have a good answer for […]

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