Month: January 2018

Our latest Kid of the Week is two-year-old Sawyer from Stoughton. She was nominated by her mom, April, who says, “Sawyer is our sassy, little sweetheart who is about to turn three, going on 13. She is the light of our lives!” Sawyer wins prizes from Madison Property Management and Thompson Investment Management. To learn more about them, and to […]

Even though I think all flowers are beautiful, I like white best. I’ve been in the floral business for many years, and yes, colors are spectacular at times. But as an artist and designer, when I work with just white flowers, I am compelled to pay more attention to the shapes and lines. The different […]

So the other day I walked into the Magic bullpen, the office we share, looking for some tape to seal up an envelope. I said to Ginger and Jillene, “Do either of you have any sticky tape?” They both looked at me like I had two heads, so I decided I’d better explain. “Sticky tape, […]

I forgot my kid! I knew it would happen. It’s sort of inevitable, right? Right?? I had the day off Monday, so our schedule was already a little wacky. I took Roman, my littlest dude, to preschool and even managed to remember to pick him up at 11:30. We had lunch, and then this kid […]

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m kind of a girly girl. I like pretty, shiny things. I like things that smell luxurious, and I appreciate the soft textures and scents of lotions and soaps. There’s something to be said for aromatherapy and surrounding yourself with soft textiles, like fuzzy blankets and socks and pajamas. […]

Look for Magic 98 on Wisconsin 57‘s Talk of the Town this week! Get introduced to our newest host, Jillene Khan, and find out more about how to stay connected to Magic 98. When to watch Talk of the Town to see Magic 98… Wednesday, 1/24: 5:30AM, 8:00AM, 5:30PM Thursday, 1/25: 6:00AM, 8:00AM, 5:30PM, 11:00PM Friday, […]

“Do you remember your childhood phone number?” I recently asked my Facebook friends this question and was overwhelmed at the number of people who do! I remember mine, perfectly. I remember when we had to add three digits to it too. Our suburbs had outgrown the number of phone numbers available for our area, so […]

Our latest Kid of the Week is nine-month-old Madelyn from Janesville. She was nominated by her aunt, Amanda, who says, “Madelyn is an absolute blessing and joy to be around. The pure look of love she gets on her face when her mom walks into the room is indescribable. She is always so happy and […]

Oh, the healing power of chicken noodle soup and oranges. I truly believe in it. Over the last couple weeks, I had double pink eye. I went to the doctor who said, “Well, it’s viral. So it’s just got to run its course like a cold would.” Within the next couple of days I got […]

Our newest Kid of the Week is Alex. He’s 13 months old and he lives in Belleville. He was nominated by Lindsey, who says: “Alex loves to look at books, eat blackberries and bananas, be pulled on a sled, and walk the trails at local dog parks. He is working on sharing, vocabulary words, and […]

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