Jillene’s Blog: Childhood Phone Number

Written by on January 23, 2018

“Do you remember your childhood phone number?”

I recently asked my Facebook friends this question and was overwhelmed at the number of people who do! I remember mine, perfectly. I remember when we had to add three digits to it too. Our suburbs had outgrown the number of phone numbers available for our area, so we added an area code sometime in early elementary school.

This was long before texting, email, and certainly Facebook. I miss the sound of the phone constantly ringing and the mystery of who might be on the other end! I miss yelling, “I’LL GET IT!” when I heard the first ring, and being first to experience caller ID and the joy of being able to “let the machine get it.” A lot of my Facebook friends brought up really nostalgic memories about calling their grandparents and closest friends as they recalled the phone numbers. Many of them shared that it’s easy to remember their childhood phone number because it remains the landline phone number at their parent’s homes.

Will children growing up in 2018 even have a childhood phone number? The first cell phone number I had is starting to fade, but that landline connection is ingrained in my mind like I just dialed it yesterday. (My mom shut off the landline more than 10 years ago. I forced myself to memorize her cell phone number just in case something happened after that.) With landlines in fewer and fewer homes, I can’t help but wonder if childhood phone numbers are a thing of the past.

Maybe I’ll give mine a call and see if someone answers. That is, if I can get the area code right.

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