Month: February 2018

Our latest Kid of the Week is two-year-old Wyatt from Lodi. He was nominated by his mom, Amber, who says, “Wyatt loves to dance to any kind of music and always has a smile on his face! He loves rough-housing with his puppies.” Wyatt wins $25 for his piggy bank from Madison Property Management. To learn more about them, and […]

Last weekend, the American Top 40 show on Sunday at the 80s was from February 1984. It gave me flashbacks to a time when I was a far younger man, a time that was pretty awful for a while but eventually turned out OK. In the fall of 1983, married six months, I had dragged […]

The movie Wonder is finally available to rent, so we got it over the weekend. We built a huge fort in the living room with blankets and couch cushions and stocked it up with cups filled with Arnie Palmers (iced tea and lemonade) and bowls filled with popcorn and Goldfish crackers. The boys were ready […]

When I first met the owl you see here, he was very high up in the 100-year-old willow tree on the Yahara Trail, where I often walk. I was absolutely marveling over and over about meeting him, because it was more than just hearing him hoot. I felt the actual weight of the sound wave […]

Our latest Kid of the Week is one-year-old Chase from Madison. He was nominated by his grandma, Evelyn, who says, “Chase is always happy. He embraces new experiences with a smile! This picture is from his first time in the snow.” Chase wins prizes from Madison Property Management and Thompson Investment Management. To learn more about them, and to sign up a great kid […]

Spring is about ready to unleash itself. I can just feel it. Even though we’re still having icky winter weather right now, I think the smell in the air is different. It’s fresher and cleaner. The birds are heartily singing every morning.  Somehow the birds know that spring is closer than we think … and […]

This little fellow was sooo interested in eating his soggy weeds that he did not even notice me standing there taking his picture.  He lives right there on the Yahara River. I often see his tracks in the snow. His tail leaves a line in addition to his footprints. I am thinking I will call […]

It’s a Valentine’s Day tradition … Magic 98 Valentine Deliveries! All winners received a floral arrangement from Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses, sweet treats from TNT’s Coffee and Cafe, and $50 to spend at William Thomas Custom Jewelers! Thanks to all who entered. Julie Jacobs dropping off a delivery for Rachel at the Department of Corrections […]

When I was in high school, I came very close to missing my senior prom. I didn’t have a yearning desire to go, I didn’t have a date, and I didn’t have a dress. But that all quickly changed for me, just days before the big event. I had a pretty decent-sized mix of male […]

Our latest Kid of the Week is one-year-old Abel from Evansville. He was nominated by his grandma, Jodi, who says, “Abel is a sweet, fun loving little boy who puts a smile on our faces every day. He is so smart and keeps us on our toes with each of his little adventures as he learns something new every day!” […]

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