Ginger’s Blog: Ready for Hummingbirds

Written by on February 19, 2018

Spring is about ready to unleash itself. I can just feel it. Even though we’re still having icky winter weather right now, I think the smell in the air is different. It’s fresher and cleaner. The birds are heartily singing every morning.  Somehow the birds know that spring is closer than we think … and I believe them.
That’s why I’m already getting my yard ready for migrating backyard birds. My feeders are full. My orange oriole feeder is already out, and soon I will hang up my hummingbird feeders. I think hummingbirds are amazing. They migrate all the way to Central America during the winter and make the trek back here starting in March. It may take them a while, but I’ll be ready for them. A friend of mine recently sent me an interesting article about hummingbird nests and how we should all take care to look for them while we’re trimming our hedges and trees this spring and summer. You can read it here.
I make sure to plant flowers that attract hummingbirds to my yard. I have bright red clematis, and I also plant an assortment of colored morning glories along my fence every year. All of these plants are close to my screen porch, so I can just sit outside in the summer and enjoy watching the birds come to the feeders and the flowers. I even have a little hummingbird perch set up next to one of the feeders so they can rest. They really are beautiful and such a treat to watch. They’re quite friendly as well. I can stand right next to a feeder and they’ll come right up to explore me for a few seconds before getting a drink of nectar.
If you would like to attract hummingbirds to your yard this year, all you need is a simple plastic feeder and something to hang it from. I usually make my own hummingbird food with sugar and water. Click here for the recipe. But please don’t add red food coloring, as it isn’t healthy for the birds to drink. Once they know your feeder is there, the nectar itself will be enough to attract them, and they’ll keep coming back. They may even build a nest and raise young right in your own backyard. I’m hoping that will happen in mine.

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