Kathryn’s Blog: Owl Talk

Written by on February 20, 2018

When I first met the owl you see here, he was very high up in the 100-year-old willow tree on the Yahara Trail, where I often walk. I was absolutely marveling over and over about meeting him, because it was more than just hearing him hoot. I felt the actual weight of the sound wave fall over my body.
OK, it is true that I have exceptionally good hearing. This is both a blessing and a curse, no matter what anyone tells you. I’ve been accused of being able to hear a dog whistle which, I assure you, is not true. But that delicate sound wave was something I will never forget. He was very well hidden up there, but I could see him very clearly and by golly Miss Molly, he did that weirdo thing of turning his head to look down at me! I noticed then there was an answering owl much further down the path!
I didn’t see or hear from my owl for many months after that, until the day I took this picture, when the crows where squawking and surrounding him. Crows don’t like owls to be out during the day. They ganged up on him and chased him. Lucky for me, I got a few pics in before he took off.

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