Month: May 2018

I love vegetables. I was never that kid who was made to stay at the table until I ate all my lima beans or cauliflower. I always cleaned my plate and asked for seconds when it came to healthy greens so I’m always cooking them up for myself as a nice side dish or an […]

Lyric John from Windsor is our new Magic 98 Kid of the Week! He’s seven months old and was nominated by his mom, Mandy, who says… “Lyric is the most mellow sweet little boy with a contagious smile. His older brother won kid of the week two years ago and Lyric is looking to follow in […]

Our new Kid of the Week is seven-year-old, Henry, from Mt. Horeb! He was nominated by his mom, Jill, who says… “Henry is a good soul with a kind heart!” Henry has won $25 for his piggy bank from Madison Property Management and treats, including a free family tub of Classic Caramel Corn, from Rural Route 1 Popcorn. His picture will be […]

This is the view I get to see every time I come to work at Magic 98. It’s our reception area. I’ve seen it countless times, sat in the chairs to do interviews, or waited for a listener to come and pick up a prize. The Memorial High School choir assembles here before going up […]

We had a family wedding this past weekend. My brother and his family came in from Boston, and it was a great week together.  Lots of time with people we don’t always get to see, too! And with most hugs came the question: “So, how much time is left until baby is here?” I answered […]

By now, you’ve probably seen at least one Bucky on Parade statue. They’ll be on display throughout Madison through mid-September, so if you haven’t had a chance to marvel at their beauty, you still have plenty of time. Like many Madisonians, I’ve been having fun finding them around town and my goal is to see […]

Our new Kid of the Week is eight-year-old, Gavin, from Columbus! He was nominated by his mom, Tracy, who says… “Gavin is the best, well-behaved eight-year-old. He is very mature for his age and has a heart of gold. He’s always willing to help when asked. He has a great sense of humor, is always laughing and […]

Our new Kid of the Week is nine-month-old, Charlie Jo, from Deerfield! She was nominated by her mom, Samantha, who says… “Charlie is a very boisterous, happy nine-month-old little girl! She loves the outside and her fur brother Chet. She’s crawling up a storm and just about walking.” Charlie Jo has won $25 for her piggy bank from Madison Property […]

You may not have heard about the recent death of Don Bustany. You may not recognize his name at all—even though he’s mentioned on Magic 98 every weekend. Don Bustany was the co-creator of American Top 40 with Casey Kasem. Back in 1970, he and Casey dreamed up the idea of a weekly countdown show […]

I really love to share something if I have found it to be more then wonderful. With an eye on putting better food into my body these days,  it is with great pleasure, and a little pomp and circumstance, that I recommend this latest breakfast! Toast, peanut butter and sliced strawberries. Satisfying and delicious! Sara […]

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