Jillene’s Blog: Bucky on Parade

Written by on May 17, 2018

By now, you’ve probably seen at least one Bucky on Parade statue. They’ll be on display throughout Madison through mid-September, so if you haven’t had a chance to marvel at their beauty, you still have plenty of time. Like many Madisonians, I’ve been having fun finding them around town and my goal is to see them all by the time the parade wraps up! However, unlike many Madisonians, going to the locations where the colorful, creative Bucky statues are displayed is more than likely going to end up being my first time at that location! I’ve been a part of the Magic 98 family, and Madison, for nearly six months now, so I’d like to personally thank the folks who came up with this idea for giving me head-start to get out and get to know my new home!

So far, I’ve only seen three Buckys. I say “only” because I found these by surprise! Magic 98 was at Olbrich Botanical Gardens last week where “Grow” is right out front. Across the street from their Atwood Avenue entrance is “Hipster Bucky” which is the first Bucky I laid eyes on as I was driving into Olbrich. He’s totally groovy, man! “All Hands On Bucky” is off Park Street right by the Village Shopping Center and is the most recent Bucky I’ve seen.

The Bucky on Parade organizers have made it really easy for you to locate the statues. Click here for a map and more info on the artists who created these amazing works of art! Let me know which Bucky becomes your favorite. E-mail me anytime at Jillene@Magic98.com, and take a look at our Facebook photo gallery of the Buckys that the Magic Crew has spotted so far!



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