Month: June 2018

One of Verona’s hidden treasures is not so hidden. It’s just that it’s got tight hours. It’s not a big secret, just not shared a lot until now. SWAP does not stand for Smart Women at Play, but it could! Salvage With a Purpose is the real name, and on Friday mornings at 8AM you […]

If you are a dog owner and a dog lover, I think you know how lucky we are to live in communities that embrace our love for dogs. The dog parks in and around Madison are amazing. The opportunities for fun activities, charity walks, training, and learning are abundant. Madison loves its dogs. This is […]

When I talk to people about traveling to Las Vegas, I’m finding that there are two types of people: those that don’t want anything to do with it, and those that love it and go back year after year. I, myself, am turning into the latter, although as of last week, I’ve only been to […]

Magic 98‘s newest Kid of the Week is five-year-old, Caleb, from Blue Mounds! He was nominated by his aunt, Tayler, who says… “He’s a amazing kid and always puts a smile on your face. He’s always happy and makes jokes a lot.” Caleb has won $25 for his piggy bank from Madison Property Management and treats, including a free […]

Magic 98‘s newest Kid of the Week is nine-month-old, Brooklynn, from Madison! She was nominated by her mother, Traci, who says… “Brooklynn is the happiest baby I’ve ever met! She is always smiling and giggling and she definitely knows how to light up a room. She touches the hearts of all that she meets!” Brooklynn has […]

It was the summer that Mount St. Helens blew its top, CNN went on the air, Richard Pryor set fire to himself, draft registration was reinstated, Ronald Reagan flirted with naming Gerald Ford as his running mate, the United States skipped the Moscow Olympics, and the shipyard workers struck in Poland. We counted the days […]

I’ve been minding my good friends’ pets while they are at a wedding. It keeps me popping back and forth from my place to theirs. I always let Joe the turtle have run of the apartment. When I call him, he may take his time, but he comes out, and I put him back in […]

SUMMER!!! It’s not technically here until next week, but this weekend, the heat and humidity are a-comin’. Don’t hate me, but I love this weather. I like sitting in a chair on the deck with a popsicle in this weather. But I won’t be willingly running a 5K when the heat index makes it feel […]

One of my social media profiles reads, “Loud, proud, born ‘n bred Midwesterner.” It won’t take you long as you scroll through pictures of my dog, pictures of my houseplants, snippets of my Madison adventures and life at Magic 98, and more pictures of my dog, to realize that the word “proud” holds more than […]

Akaysha from Fitchburg is our new Magic 98 Kid of the Week! She’s six years old and was nominated by her sister, Alyssa, who says… “Akaysha got the nickname ‘Muffin’ because of her cute, round face and sweet personality. She loves to spell words, write in her journal, and dance to Taylor Swift!” Akaysha has won $25 for her piggy bank […]

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