Lanette’s Blog: The Last Weeks of School

Written by on June 1, 2018

The last few weeks of school, in my memory, were always filled with fun and excitement. Your schedule had nothing to do with math and everything to do with cleaning up the room and final memories with that teacher. But man … now I have an insane amount of appreciation for my mom, who managed to keep all of this stuff straight. There are field-trip permission trips, volunteering for field day, teacher gifts, final projects, and I know I’m missing a dozen or so things. It’s nuts to keep this all straight. And I’m not sure how teachers do it this time of year because between the heat and the lack of usual routine, these kiddos are a whole bunch of crazy!

Don’t get me wrong. I can’t wait to be at the hula-hoop station for field day next week, and Marc is going to chaperone the zoo field trip in a couple of days. But wow!

Here’s to you, mom and dad, for staying on it. Here’s to you teachers for doing amazing jobs. You should be very proud, because the kids are loving it, and that is when forever memories are made. (Flex in front of the mirror when you have a second, and then get yourself a generous glass of wine.)

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