Jillene’s Blog: Advice for Our Younger Selves

Written by on June 6, 2018

I know we can’t actually go back in time and talk to our younger selves, but we can have fun thinking about what we’d say to them if we could! And we did this week on the Magic 98 Facebook page: “If I could talk to the younger me, before I graduated high school, I’d tell him/her (blank).”

Our Facebook friends had all kinds of unique answers, from “stand up for yourself and dreams because no one else will,” to “don’t collect Beanie Babies.” For me, I would tell young Jillene to slow down. Be in the moment, in the now, and don’t focus so much on what’s next. When I was in high school, especially the last year or two, I couldn’t wait to be done! I wanted to be recognized as an adult and be on my own. I had dreams to catch and I wanted to see the world! Now, here I am, the adult I’ve always wanted to be, and I find that I still have to remind myself to slow down. I have to remind myself to enjoy the moments—all of them, no matter how big or small—because life can change in an instant. You can do all the planning and pre-planning and have all the backup plans in the world and life will still surprise you! I’d remind young Jillene of that too. You’re not in control and life will be full of surprises. Embrace them, because sometimes life has a bigger plan for you than anything you could have ever planned or imagined. As you get ready to watch your babies and grandbabies graduate from high school and plunge into adulthood, slow down. Enjoy the moments.

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