Lanette’s Blog: My Heartsong

It’s been six weeks that I’ve been able to say I have a daughter and it really has been a dream. And it started out that way even as we were checking in for her delivery. It was a 3:30AM alarm which was my same ol’ morning show alarm. We had a 5:00AM check-in and I was ready to roll. You’ll find this hard to believe, but I talked my nurse’s ear off until 7:00AM and she forgot to get the IVs ordered. By 7:30, we were up and running. My doctor wasn’t even in the building for the boys’ deliveries. But this time because it was scheduled, Dr. Weidel was my girl and since I love this woman, I was really happy about things. By 2:30PM, I had my epidural and soon thereafter they broke my water and the race was on. Crank the Pitocin and let’s meet this little lady. At 5:30PM, Dr. Weidel said I was ready to push, but she was still a little high. I gave her a half hour and the contractions were so intense that by 25 minutes… I let my nurse know that we should call the crew in because I may not have a say here pretty soon. I closed my eyes for a contraction and when I opened ‘em… everyone was there! My doctor knew it’d be quick but also knew new my husband, Marc, would be just the guy to jump at the chance to deliver his daughter. She asked, he geared up and with one push, we became parents to Ms. Imogene. It really was that glorious and that boring. Imogene’s a great sleeper and up until a week ago, didn’t really cry much. Now the car seat tends to throw her into some serious tears but, I still call her my heartsong. Little did I know she was always there in my heart waiting to become a part of our family. Thanks for all the notes and sweet thoughts… I’ll be soaking her up these next six weeks and will talk to you soon!

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