Kathryn’s Blog: Childhood Memories

Written by on September 17, 2018

I’ve long been of the notion that whatever you really loved doing as a child is what you will really love doing as an adult as your job. I’ve even done some informal research and found it to be 100% true so far. I stopped by the Kickapoo Diner for a great breakfast on my way to Viroqua and saw this back in the antique section of the shop. Many people now never even saw a ’78 RPM record! Mine were red vinyl and I listened to them every day. My parents bed had this head board that left a very cool fort under it. You had to be a kid of course, and crawl under the bed to reach it. But, that was discovered because that is where the outlet was to plug my record player into it! The sunshine came through the window and there was plenty of room for me and my friend next door to listen in. Some vinyls were music but others were stories! “Chicken Little,” “Hansel and Gretel,” “Katie the Kangaroo,” “Jimmy Crack Corn.” And to think… here I am, in 2018, writing stories and playing music for my friends to hear!

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