Kathryn’s Blog: Words of Wonder

Written by on January 17, 2019

As a writer, I am always mystified by words. I always want to know how they came about and why they stay around. These are my newest fascination–groups of things named differently and not in a way I would think. I’ll list them to show you what I mean:
A herd of elephants.
A flock of sheep.
A colony of ants.
A swarm of bees.
A school of fish.
An army of butterflies
A business of flies.
But then there are these, that from what I could find out was because of the animals traits:
A pride of lions. (Yes, lions do all look proud.)
A gaggle of geese. (Yes, geese do gaggle together.)
A murder of crows. (Yes, a lot of crows crowing and screaming together do sound like they are murdering someone!)

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