Month: February 2019

Maybe it’s because Plant Dane is a local non-profit, it doesn’t get as much exposure as it should, and it should! I love to plant a flower bed, so I was thrilled to discover last year the annual Plant Dane native plant sale that happens just once a year. The thing is, you have to […]

Remember this trick if you ever need to make the “coffin” stop.

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is three & a half year old, Greyson, from Cross Plains! He was nominated by his grandmother, Peg, who says… “Greyson makes my heart swell with love. He’s a gently, loving, silly boy. Loves to sing, count, play games, ready books, and snuggle! He’s a big brother to his sister, Malia, […]

Who was the clown who left my back window open during the snow storm? Me! It was also me who took this mystical shot (below) of the moon a few days after Christmas at 5:30AM. Many years ago, I spent one winter bitterly complaining about the cold, making every day a miserable one waiting for a […]

Magic 98 celebrated Valentine’s Days by bringing goodies to you at work! This year, winners received a pretty succulent arrangement from Klein’s Floral and Greenhouses, plus $50 to spend at William Thomas Custom Jewelry, and a delicious Valentine cupcake from Festival Foods in Madison! Congratulations to our winners. . . Lindsay Long, Cardiac Science Corporation […]

Magic 98‘s new Kid of the Week is two-year-old Brooklyn from Oregon! She was nominated by her grandma, Wendy, who says… “Brooklyn is a funny, sweet, loving girl. She is very smart. Every morning and every night she goes to her room and picks out one of her many books and will read a story to one of […]

Norwegian (?) Egg Cakes, a family recipe from Beth Myers. My Mom made these as a special dinner treat when I was a kid, and now I make them for my kids! Imagine a slightly thicker crepe, and that’s what you’ve got here (it does not taste like eggs). I put out all the jellies […]

Sometimes, according to Lanette and Fletch, it’s just too cold for even a groundhog to be outside. Click play below to hear Fletch and Lanette’s “Bonehead Theater”…

My boys call it “Potato Stew” and eat it up! Click here for a delicious Lentil Stew recipe that’s a staple in Lanette Hansen‘s kitchen. For more recipes from the Magic Crew, click here!

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