Kathryn’s Blog: The Joys of Winter

Written by on February 21, 2019

Who was the clown who left my back window open during the snow storm? Me! It was also me who took this mystical shot (below) of the moon a few days after Christmas at 5:30AM. Many years ago, I spent one winter bitterly complaining about the cold, making every day a miserable one waiting for a Spring that seemed to never come. However, I have always had a very pragmatic mindset and I realized I was wasting away at least six months of my life whining about winter. What a waste of time! So, I made a conscious list of all the things I liked about winter and totally surprised myself to learn it was longer then the list of things I liked about warm weather. For starters, winter light is magnificent. Snow covered trees, even ice covered trees are magical. The snow and ice reaching even the tiniest top branches. I love to ice skate and go sledding if there is a decent hill. I love seeing my breath join my friends breath when talk outside. It’s comical how everyone is not very fashion conscious but ‘stay-warm’ conscious. Do you ever stop to think when you are walking on snow, you are walking on water? A cup of hot coffee is a sample of divinity. I find watching the steam curl slowly over the top of the cup is a spiritual high. Even mediocre chili tastes great sitting in front of a friendly fire place! I don’t have a fire place but in Wisconsin they are in many coffee shops and restaurants to enjoy. How nice of the universe to end the life of excess germs, virus’, mold, and insect larva in such a compassionate, chemical-free way. I won’t kid you and say it’s fun to drive to work at 4:30AM in a snow storm, or taking 20 minutes to scrape ice off my car, or fall down on ice that is hidden under snow. I’m guessing it’s my Viking blood that just refuses to be a wuss.

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