Jillene’s Blog: One Foot In Front of The Other

Written by on March 1, 2019

In elementary school, I cried at the thought of having to climb a floor-to-ceiling rope in gym class. I begged my mom to let me stay home on days where we had to run the mile or do track-and-field. I’ve never been in great shape, physically, or excited about putting my body to the test. Because my body has never felt strong.

Until this weekend. When my body… surprised me… on a ropes course in the woods during my first ever “solo vacation” in northern Minnesota.

(Here I am right before I started.)

(And here I am after I, to my complete surprise, finished it!)

What happened in between these two photos is a fun story. Basically, I fell off the “cherry-picker” part of the course (AKA a tightrope), and dangled in the air for a solid – I don’t know how much time because the passage of time is so strange already, but really hard to grasp when you’re hanging from a harness in the air with no way to get back to Earth except for getting on the silly tightrope and finish the darn thing.

(There’s one picture I still haven’t posted on Facebook. Here’s what I looked like right before I fell.)

How did I get down? With the patience, support, and direction of a couple incredible ropes-course guides, and a handful of new friends that I will never forget. Complete strangers reminded me that I was strong and that I could finish what I set out to do. My only goal that day was to finish the course… and I did.

After the cherry-picker, it was a breeze. I walked across one singular log and then ziplined home to the ground, which I had never been so happy to see.

I finished it. Although, I was thoroughly convinced that my only way down was going to be by way of an emergency crew that I’d literally have to hang out and wait for until after dark.

The only reason I even started the ropes course (voluntarily) is because it was the last thing I would have ever willingly picked to do with my free time. And lately, I’ve been looking for more opportunities like this – to force myself out of my comfort zone. They say that’s where the magic happens, and you know how much I love magic!

I’d love to hear about how you faced your fears and stepped outside your comfort zone. Email me anytime at Jillene@magic98.com or let’s connect on Facebook!

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