Kathryn’s Blog: Hoo’s Woods Raptor Center

Written by on April 3, 2019

The Oregon Public Library had a special presentation for anyone over six-years-old to come and see Dianne Moller show off three live owls. I am nutty about owls, so I joined a very attentive group to listen, learn, and witness these gorgeous birds of pray in action. As it was held in the Small Gym at Prairie View Elementary school, there were mostly children. There was Wesley, the rescued snowy owl, (Harry Potter was mentioned), Hickory, who is in the picture below, on Dianne’s wrist… named after the tree he was found in (also rescued), and then there was Hush, a barn owl who flew for food to thrill us all. Dianne did a great job of making all the facts simpler for the large amount of children there. It was the most knowledgeable and respectfully quiet group of kids I’ve had the pleasure to share floor space with. I’d highly recommend her if you would like a really good, real life experience for kids and adults of any age. I bought a very hip apron (with an owl on front of course) to  support the center. The Raptor Center is in Milton, so I was thinking Julie Jacobs and I could make a point to learn more and go visit all the birds there. If you would like to learn more, www.hooswoods.org is the address to check out!

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