Fletch’s Blog: I Like Picking Up Litter, I Like Beer. Two Worlds Collide.

Written by on April 23, 2019

I have volunteered for many things over the years- coaching, leading youth groups, hosting charity events, fixing up homes for those who are unable to do it themselves, and even picking up litter.

Oh, and I have volunteered to drink beers, when asked.

Sooooo… upon discovering Madison’s new community service/beer drinking group, I have to say that two of my greatest interests have somehow intersected perfectly.

The discovery is Drunk In Public Picking Up Litter (DIPPUL).

This is not a joke.

The club’s founder says that DIPPUL is about “doing good and living well,” two things of which I’m in favor. The concept is to get together with like-minded folks, pick up trash, and stop for a beer or two in the process. It’s multi-tasking for those who don’t have time to do each activity separately.

And while the name of the group is Drunk In Public Picking Up Litter, which might imply public drunkenness, I look at it as if it were this: (Beer Being Drunk), In Public Picking Up Litter.

I’m in. You?

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