Magic Mug Winners 2019

Written by on April 29, 2019

Magic Mug winners get one free fill-up of coffee or soda every day for the rest of 2019 at any Kelley’s Market location in the Madison area!

Here’s what this year’s Magic Mug looks like…

Here are some of some of our happy winners…


As a courtesy to our partners at Kelley’s Market (Kelley Williamson Mobil) please honor the following rules when you win a Magic Mug:

  • I agree to only visiting one local Kelley Williamson Mobil/Kelley’s Market store once per day.
  • I agree to only fill the mug that I have been supplied (no other thermos, travel mugs, carafes or containers will be accepted).
  • I agree to produce the supplied mug at the time I dispense my coffee or other beverage, and use only this mug to fill up at the KW location.
  • Damaged, lost or stolen mugs will not be replaced under any circumstance and stand-in mugs will not be allowed.
  • I agree to notify a Kelley’s Market staff member when I redeem my coffee/beverage. I will also produce the 2019 “Magic Mug Fill-Up” mug to the staff before I fill it.
  • Non-transferable, even within household.

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