Kathryn’s Blog: Active Eagles in Evansville

Written by on April 30, 2019

What a find! Not only does Evansville have a beautiful lake, with a lovely park and pool, it has its own pair of bald eagles nesting right in sight! While I was there this particular morning, a kind fellow with a powerful telescope let me have a look-see at the one eagle sitting on the egg(s) while the other one was swooping and diving for breakfast of fish! The eagle did not catch one, but turns out there was also a loon on the water and he did catch one. He was turning it over and over, squeezing the life out of it I think, then swallowed the whole thing. I enjoy watching a lot of nature documentary videos, but this was amazing. Loons are a lot bigger then I thought. There are several people who are there every day to check on the eagles and record their activities. I’d really like to see the chicks when they are ready to fly. I plan on keeping my camera with me at all times and see if I can get some closer pictures.

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