Lanette’s Blog: Look For The Good

Written by on May 8, 2019

I choose to believe that there’s so much more good going on in the world every single day than bad. And I betcha, if you weighed it all out on any given day… the fact would be that nice people prevail. And, so many times our kids get the brunt of the bad press. “Kids these days, they just don’t care.” Oh, but they do! Just this week, a woman had spent years in her front window waving to the high school kids walking to and from school. She was about to move to an assisted living facility and all the kids came to her house, together on her front lawn to wave to her one last time. And have you seen the video with Andy Grammar and the elementary school kids in New York City singing, ‘Don’t Give Up On Me?’ Forget about it… good luck not tearing up watching these kids truly feel the power that comes from the words of this song. And it’s not just the kids. We adults even manage to be nice to each other every once in a while. Last week I let someone go in front of me in the drive through line at Starbucks. When I got up to the window to pay for my Chai latte, she had taken care of my bill. So of course, I paid for the person behind me. (To be honest, I first asked what she ordered so I didn’t get stuck paying for an entire office of lattes. It was a tall Americano so I dished out the $2.86.) Hopefully, that lasted for a while and it made everyone involved at least smile. Every day good happens… you just have to want to see it. There’s so much good in the world. There truly is. You can’t tell me otherwise.

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