Lanette’s Blog: First Family Vacation

Written by on July 19, 2019

Well that was fun! It’s often said that when you go away as a family, it’s a trip not a vacation. We planned for an Airbnb in Minocqua the week of the Fourth of July. It was going to be our first getaway as a family of five. I had used every single second of my vacation and sick time for my maternity leave, so I hadn’t taken a day away from work in quite a while. The kids did amazing in the car on the way there, we had a ton of fun swimming, biking, boating, fishing, cooking… you name it. Of course there were frustrations with sleeping arrangements and the usual arguments, but man did it feel good to forget about laundry and not set an alarm and turn my phone off. We’ve already booked the home we’re going to go to next year for the week of the 4th… it’s further north in an attempt to get away from it all even more and I can’t wait. If it’s been way too long for you since the last time you escaped, I say, ‘do it now!’ There’s never a perfect time to do it… between school and sports schedules and work it’s hard to figure out when, but close your eyes and let your finger choose a date… and go.

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