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Written by on July 23, 2019

As I was planning my trip to Ireland, my mom was so excited for me.  She told me I probably have more Irish blood running through my veins than I think I do. Well, you can’t make a statement like that to your daughter without her becoming extremely curious to find out. So, that is exactly what I have been doing.
I knew a little bit about my maternal grandfather’s Irish surname and his mother’s Scottish maiden name but that’s about all. I’ve seen photos of my Scotch/Irish relatives and can definitely see a family resemblance passed down. I decided to become an member to start digging. It is amazing what I have found so far. I’ve been able to trace my seventh great grandfather on my mother’s side to Aberdeenshine, Scotland. He was born there in 1697. Eventually, part of that family tree migrated to Down, Ireland. I’m still trying to find out what my seventh great grandfather did for a living. Why did the family move to Ireland? And generations down, why did they eventually move to the United States? Do I still have long lost relatives in Ireland and Scotland? It is all so fascinating to me.
My father’s genealogy is just as fascinating. I already knew my all great grandparents were born in Germany (on both sides) and that my paternal great grandparents moved to America in 1892. My paternal great grandfather was a farmer and they settled in North Dakota. Both my grandmother and grandfather spoke German and English. They both had slight German accents. My dad said he learned only a little German from his parents but knew enough to know when he was in trouble. I adored my grandparents. They were sweet and loving and my grandmother, to me, will always be the best cook this side of the Black Forest (which is where I believe they all immigrated from).
There is something so richly rewarding and melancholy… stirring, wistful, mindful and silent about finding out who you are and where you came from and how you came to be.
I once saw a plaque that read, “Family. All Because Two People Fell In Love.” So, I come from a family of lovers who lived in ancient countries perhaps fighting for freedom and glory and honor possibly escaping from oppression and hardship and war. Your real life is better than the movies if you take the time to discover it.

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